• You can apply using one of the following channels:

Through the registration link on the website and one of our representatives will contact you within two days to complete the registration process. (Registration Link)

  • Calling 920003137 / extension # 1
  • Visiting the closest AOL branch to you
  • All programs are in line with the requirements of the labor market and are updated periodically so that the outcomes are appropriate for the available jobs

    Available programs:

    Diploma in Human Resource Management

    Diploma in Business Administration (Business Science)

    Diploma in Public Relations and Media

    Diploma in Marketing

Two and a half years

Registration Link

Education is digital in the Academy through its electronic educational platform, and there are no paper books, as the student is handed an iPad when the study begins. It contains all the courses according to the diploma specialization

Yes, the device is included in the tuition fees and is provided free of charge to each student

The study is in semesters/quarters, but different in duration, as the academic quarter consists of 8 weeks (two academic months), and after the completion of the first quarter, the second semester is followed by different courses.

There are 4 academic quarters per year, with a break or official holiday between the academic quarters

 The duration of the study is two and a half years according to the quarter system (8 semesters), as each training quarter is for 8 weeks (two academic months).

At the end of the study period, there is a final quarter (the ninth quarter) dedicated to cooperative training (practical application in companies, institutions, and other sectors).

Each student in the Academy of Learning has the freedom to choose the place of training in line with the training requirements, specialization, and graduation period. The Academy will formally address the party with which the students wish to train.

There are no special requirements for admission to diploma programs at the Academy

  • Submit a registration request

    A copy of the high school certificate (with the original for verification)

    A copy of the identity card (with the original for verification)

  • Study duration: 4 hours per day / 5 days per week, depending on the period of study in which you are registered

    Available study periods:                Morning period: from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon

                                                                 Noon period: from 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm

                                                                  Evening period: from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

    *The availability of study periods depends on the diploma programs and seats available in all branches of the Learning Academy

Registration does not require personal attendance at the Academy, and you can visit the branch to complete the admission procedures at least one week before the start of the study

  • The main language is Arabic, with specialized subjects in General English and the business language according to the specialization

  • It is not possible to change the specialization at the start of the study, and the specialization can be changed before that if there are available seats for the required specialization or the required study period is available

  • 26973 Saudi riyals, the total fees for the diploma program are divided into easy monthly installments of 999 riyals for the duration of the program (two and a half years)

  • Yes, if you choose the monthly installment program (999 riyals per month)

  • Yes, you can do that at the beginning of each semester, thus completing the monthly tuition fees without having to pay during the summer period

  • Yes, We appreciate and care for this precious category, there is a 15% discount on the total tuition fees to become as follows:

    Diploma program fees: 26973 SAR

    Diploma program fees for social security beneficiaries: 22927 Saudi riyals divided into easy monthly installments (999 Saudi riyals per month)

The certificate is accredited and recognized by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, which is the largest government agency in the field of vocational and technical training in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


  • The Academy of Learning through Cooperative Training, at the end of the study, offers you a training opportunity to enter the field of business and jobs, as the Employment Qualification Center was opened, which is concerned with searching for suitable job opportunities for graduates of the Academy through coordination and signing agreements with major leading companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (for more details, please visit Employment Qualification Center page)

You can join it when you are accepted into the Academy, free of charge and directly, by visiting the page of the Employment Qualification Center on the Academy website and filling in your information.

  • It is a special section for the students of the Academy. Its goal is to make the students in the academy happy by running competitions, parties, initiatives, and development courses throughout the academic year, with valuable prizes (mobile phones – excellence card – electronic watches – cars – jewelry – etc.) where joining is automatically once registered and accepted in Academy.

    For more information and to keep up with the most important developments and details in the Happiness Department, please follow the accounts of this department on social media

  • The Excellence Card is one of the initiatives of the Happiness Department at the Academy. It is an instant and direct discounts card with several partners. It is intended for students of the Academy only. An application for obtaining an Excellence Card can be submitted when you are accepted into the Academy, free and directly, by visiting the Excellence Card page on the Academy website. Fill in your information and the card will be delivered to you by hand at the branch in which it is located by mail

  • The study is in person in the branches of the Academy of Learning, and there are some online courses according to specialization, period, and branch

  • There are no specific requirements for dress, as long as it is not indecent.

  • Contacting technical support via the “We are here” icon on the platform’s login page

    Go to the branch management and ask for help