Diploma in Human Resources


Receive academic and professional training in human resource management. The relevant practice and real-world application you'll receive will prepare you for success in various sectors and institutions.

The content includes all topics that will be addressed during the training period


Human resource management is one of the most important jobs in numerous institutions. No matter how big a business is, it cannot be stable and competitive without effective HR management. This is important not only for sustaining a business but also for expanding and improving. Building up a highly competent HR specialist is very important for business organizations in light of the increasing trend towards a global economy and its increasing impact on local economies. Specialists in human resource management have an important responsibility to find innovative ways to increase productivity and achieve economic efficiency.


AOL aims to qualify the trainee with the skills and information necessary to carry out tasks in the field of human resource management. We do this by using the latest human resource applications according to contemporary scientific theories and the industry's modern methods.


1 - Work in various sectors and institutions in the field of human resource management

2 - Work in administrative and supervisor positions in the administrative departments of companies and educational institutions

3 - Work in the management of personnel affairs of various sectors and institutions such as:

o Recruitment Officer

o Employee Relations Officer

o Human Resources Data Officer

o Contract Specialist

o Job Analyst

o Personnel Officer

o Compensation and Benefits Officer

o Training and Development Officer


  • 1. Understand the nature, objectives, and importance of human resource management
  • 2. Recognize the skills required for human resource management
  • 3. Prepare policies and procedures for human resource management in a company
  • 4. Design a human resources department and properly analyze an organizationís unity
  • 5. Design the organizational structure of an organization and reformulate it if necessary
  • 6. Write a complete, accurate, and objective job description
  • 7. Prepare employment plans and policies such as recruitment, selection, and hiring
  • 8. Use the most important practical methods to attract skilled and motivated candidates through the recruitment and selection process
  • 9. Evaluate the performance of employees, analyze the causes of weak performance, and discover how to benefit from outstanding performance
  • 10. Determine wages and incentives and identify training and development needs
  • 11. Design, implement, and evaluate the training and development programs and career paths
  • 12. Improve organizational performance by diagnosing performance problems and developing solutions
  • 13. Perform upgrades and implement transfer procedures according to scientific methods
  • 14. Receive training in human resources upkeep and maintenance
  • 15. Understand how to use computers in the field of human resources
  • 16. Prepare internal regulations according to the requirements of the Ministry of Labor
  • 17. Diagnose the problems that hinder the management of human resources in companies and search for their causes and effective solutions.

Program Outline


1- English for Specific Purposes (1)

2- Arabic Language

3- Advanced Computer Applications

4. Principles of Statistics

5. Introduction to Human Resource Management


1- English for Specific Purposes (2)

2. Design of Organizational Structures

3. Measuring and Evaluating Job Performance

4- Preparing and Designing Wage and Incentive Systems

5. Introduction to Economics


1- Development and Restructuring of Institutions

2. International Human Resource Management

3. Total Quality Management

4. Maintenance of Human Resources

5- Human Resources Computer Applications


Cooperative Training


1- Islamic Culture (1)

2- Introduction to Computer Applications

3. Principles of Business Administration

4. General Mathematics

5. Career Guidance and Discretion

6- General English


1- Islamic Culture (2)

2. Organizational Behavior

3. Principles of Scientific Law

4. Strategic Planning

5. The Art of Negotiation

6. Information Management Systems



1. Training and Development of Human Resources

2. Feasibility Study and Projects Evaluation

3 - Use of Computers in Human Resources

4. Department Of Personnel Affairs


1- Saudi Labor System

2. Compensations and Benefits

3. Professional Behavior and Communication Skills

4- Graduation Project

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