Diploma in Public Relations and Media


Develop your public relations skills to carry out public relations tasks successfully in accordance with modern trends

The content includes all topics that will be addressed during the training period


Public relations is an important aspect of management in both business and governmental organizations. It is an activity that seeks to gain the trust and support of different audiences for the goals, policies, and achievements of the organization and to create an atmosphere of familiarity and cooperation between the organization and its various internal and external audiences. It relies on effective policies and honest information aimed at creating an atmosphere of trust, respect, and mutual understanding between the organization and the public.. Of utmost importance is a two-way public relations system between the organization and its audience, which helps to act in accordance with the trends of public opinion. There are many means of communicating with the public, including publications and media releases in newspapers, magazines, radio, television and other media programs and campaigns, as well as surveys and questionnaires to discover the views and wishes of the public on specific issues.


AOL seeks to qualify specialized academic and professional staff by providing them with a comprehensive understanding about the importance of public relations in the establishment and the extent of its contribution in enriching the positive image of its business. Furthermore, students will be equipped with the necessary theoretical,.
professional, and research knowledge, along with technical skills and an understanding of professional ethics and values in order to work in the fields of public relations and media. Students will become capable of performing the tasks of public relations jobs in ministries, institutions, public and private companies, and press and media institutions.


This training will open up doors to new and prestigious job opportunities in the field of public relations, media, and publishing such as:
o       Supervisor of public relations
o       Public relations campaigns planner and implementer
o       Supervisor of the Media Center
o       Producer of public relations materials
o       Supervisor of ceremonies
o       Organizer of conferences, exhibitions and meetings
o       Corporate public relations officer
o       Corporate public relations official
o       Administrative officer in media institutions
o       Administrative coordinator in media institutions


o       Familiarity with the modern concept of public relations, its nature, and its importance to institutions, as well as its foundations, principles, objectives, functions, organization and programs..
o        The application of various public relations activities that are practiced under modern management.
o       Ability to design questionnaires and surveys. 
o       Participate in the implementation of surveys and public research.
o       Deal with the means of mass communication from ethical, social, and professional perspectives, and understands work ethics and media codes of honor..
o       Master the skills of critique and analysis of media contents
o       Participate in public discussions and debates on the role of media in society
o       Become fluent in the art of media writing 
o       Participate in the planning and implementation of media campaigns in developmental areas
o       Participate in the organization of conferences, festivals, exhibitions, and public and private celebrations
o       Participate in the production of media materials for public relations
o       Prepare and draft correspondence, letters, and reports
o        Prepare and implement VIP visit programs.
o        Master the art of photography and documentation
o       Deal with different situations that require knowledge of the codes of conduct and official ceremonies.
o        Negotiation skills necessary in public relations and in dealing with other entities..
o       Promote media campaigns and carry out research on the market and competitors.


  Islamic Culture (2)
  Arabic Language   
  Advanced Computer Applications
  Theory of Public Relations 
  English for Specific Purposes (1)


     The Art of Media Editing
     Science of Printing and Publishing Newspapers and Magazines
     Media Studies
     Science of Public Opinion and Publicity
      Planning Media Campaigns 


     Work Ethics
      Crisis Management in Public Relations   
      Human Resource Management
     International Public Relations
     Communication Skills in Public Relations


Cooperative Training 


  Islamic Culture (1)
  Introduction to Computer Applications  
  Principles of Administration  
  General Mathematics
  Career Guidance and Discretion
  General English


    The Art of Diction          
    English for Specific Purposes (2)
    Public Relations Management
   Introduction to Media
    Market Study


    Arabic Editing and Writing Skills 
    Ceremonies and Rules of Interviews    
     Designing and Editing Media Messages
    Media Ethics
    Managing and Planning Public Relations Campaigns


      Management and Planning of Media Institutions   
      The Art of Negotiation  
      Fundamentals of Photography
       Media Science 
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